Despite the need for emergency intervention from the Bank of England, Liz Truss has insisted that her government's economic policy is on the right course.

In a round of interviews with BBC local radio stations, the prime minister said that people would feel the benefits of her policies in the long term.

“I know that this plan might not be the most popular with everyone, but I truly believe that it is the right one,” 

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Truss stated firmly to BBC Radio Norfolk.

“There will always be people who oppose particular measures, but we have to do what we think is best - even if it's not easy."

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Pressed repeatedly by the presenters about why her government had cut taxes primarily for richer people in Friday’s mini-budget despite inflationary pressures,

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prompting a decline in the pound and a rise in the cost of government debt, Truss rejected any idea of error.

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"I understand that some of these decisions are tough for us," she said to BBC Radio Lancashire.

"But I couldn't just sit by and let things continue the way they were going. That's why my government has taken action."