Tropical Storm Ian forecast to impact Florida

The latest forecast suggests that a tropical storm that is scheduled to make landfall in Florida next week could become a Category 4 storm.

The ninth tropical storm of the season formed late Friday over the central Caribbean Sea.

As the storm approaches the Cayman Islands, it is expected to strengthen into a hurricane by Sunday night. Cayman Islands are currently under a hurricane watch.

The storm is expected

Upon passing the Cayman Islands, Ian is forecast to become a Category 2 hurricane, then become a Category 3 hurricane when it crosses Cuba.

It is expected that by Tuesday afternoon, the storm will be a Category 4 storm due to the exceptionally warm ocean waters and low wind shear.

to impact Florida as major hurricane

In the coming days, the track and intensity of the storm can still change, but the storm is expected to make landfall on Florida's west coast by Thursday afternoon.

It is still too early to determine how much increase in wind shear will weaken Ian before it makes landfall.

Cuba, the Florida Keys, and the Florida peninsula are advised to keep an eye on forecast updates and prepare a hurricane plan.

A state of emergency was declared Friday for 24 Florida counties in the potential path of the storm by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

As a result, he issued an emergency order affecting the entire state of Florida, describing the conditions as "proposed to constitute a  major disaster."