As fourth Nord Stream leak is discovered, here’s what scientists are saying about the environment impact

According to climate scientists, the unexplained natural gas leaks from Nord Stream pipelines will have a "significant" environmental impact,

 as a fourth leak was discovered in the Baltic Sea.

"The methane leak is estimated to have released up to half a million metric tons."

The majority of natural gas flows are made up of methane, and its potency as a greenhouse gas is what has caused climate experts to describe the leaks as "tragic and very perplexing."

Marine life should be protected by the leaks, experts say, but they will have a short-term impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

One of the biggest leaks is a 700 meter-wide (766 yards) gas bubbling pool in the Baltic Sea.

"The Danish military said the leaks, which are visible by satellite, range from 200 meters to 1 kilometer in diameter."

Nord Stream 2 earlier this week,