In Minnesota, abortion keys Keith Ellison's 2nd term hopes

The Minnesota attorney general's race was Ellison's best opportunity to oppose Trump's policies


he said. His opponents accuse him of being a partisan warrior despite being locked in a tough reelection race..

The police killings of George Floyd and other Black men put Minnesota in the spotlight for four tumultuous years.

As a result of Ellison's election, violent crime has surged, according to his Republican opponent, hedge fund lawyer Jim Schultz.

It has been Ellison's strategy to fight back since this summer's ruling by the Supreme Court to rally suburban voters and Democrats.

In addition to the health care and prescription drug issues, he's also urged voters to examine his work on consumer fraud protections and wage theft protections - all issues that contradict his image.

“People expect me to be a firebrand, but what they find is a fairly pragmatic individual," Ellison said in an interview