At least 6 injured in shooting at school in California, officials say

 Oakland Police Department Assistant Chief Darren Allison said all of the victims appeared to be adults affiliated with the school. Officials have not said whether any of the victims were students.

At a press conference, Oakland Police said that all six victims were shot and transported to local hospitals.

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At about 12:45 p.m., Allison said

a shooting occurred inside Rudsdale Newcomer High School, which is part of the King Estates campus, which also houses Sojourner Truth Independent Study and BayTech Charter School.

Several victims were found inside the building, Allison said, and investigators are trying to figure out how the shooting progressed.

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Libby Schaaf of Oakland said, "The unbridled access to firearms in our country is inexcusable." she wrote in a tweet about the violence at Sojourner Truth High School.

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In a press conference held Wednesday afternoon, Allison said two victims were in critical condition and one victim had been released from the hospital.

The last victim had non-life-threatening injuries, while two others were on their way home from the hospital.