Sports Toto 5D 6D Lotto results latest 9 April 2022

Sports Toto Malaysia has something to offer everyone. Some of the lotteries are more challenging to win but come with a wonderful maximum payout. For each of us, there is one format that suits us better whilst for others it will be another. Everyone has a different way of enjoying their lottery experience and Sports Toto wants to ensure we cater to them all!

Sports Toto 5D Rules

The Sports Toto 5D drawings take place on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday at 4 PM local time. They are held in the Sports Toto office in Malaysia. Make sure to check the website regularly to find out if you’re eligible for an invitation to attend a drawing life (you can find more details about the live event here). The lottery results are available right after the official result is declared.

Sports Toto 5D 6D Lotto results on 9 April 2022


Date: 09-04-2022 (Sat) Draw No: 5443/22
1st 78852 4th 8852
2nd 97310 5th 852
3rd 81961 6th 52
1st 265014
2nd 26501* or *65014
3rd 2650** or **5014
4th 265*** or ***014
5th 26**** or ****14

Sports Toto tickets can be purchased either at retail outlets such as 7-Eleven outlets throughout Malaysia or by visiting the offices of ticketing agents in Singapore and Indonesia. However, at this time, it is not possible to buy Sports Toto tickets online in Malaysia, and Singapore.

How to Win Sports Toto 5D for 9 April 2022

Even though playing the Sports Toto 5D prediction game might seem to be challenging, there are trends and patterns that can be observed from the history of the draws. By identifying these trends and patterns, you can intelligently eliminate some of your potential numbers from your pool of play.

For example, if you select a number every 5 seconds, it would take 2 minutes forty-five seconds to get through all possible combinations if no digits were eliminated which would be an enormous waste of time. Therefore, intelligently reducing 2 digits in each position of the 5-digit number is helps one see better results with less effort.

Here are the latest  Toto 5D results for those who are interested. You can also check out ones from yesteryear, and you can even improve your chances of winning by studying trends to best suit your number selection.

How to Win & play Toto 6D game 9 April 2022

If you’ve ever been curious about what the fuss is all about with 4D games, this piques our interest. Toto 6D is Malaysia’s official lottery game, and it’s become so popular that similar game names have been used as scams in the status quo to con people into handing over their hard-earned money for a crack at some sort of “jackpot.”

For example, in 2004, a scam group tricked gullible folks by telling them they could predict the Sports Toto 6D lucky numbers. Because of their “knowledge”, the gang members went around attempting to sell Sports Toto tickets to anyone who would listen. Luckily, this scam was reported quickly and their party was brought to justice.

 Toto 6D Rules

To be able to hold a 6D drawing, Sports Toto must have a clear picture of the entire delivery of tickets. The identities of everyone dealing with 150 plus employees involved are closely scrutinized. Sports Toto never makes public where it stores its ticketing systems but we can tell you that in order for them to maintain stability and make successful drawings consistently.

Sports Toto 6D Prizes from the latest results

Last week, an incredibly lucky player won 1.9 million ringgits on Toto 6D. I can’t imagine how fortunate he or she is to be in such a position that allowed for the opportunity to win so much money!

In addition, during the same month, another first prize of 1.9 million ringgits was claimed by another lucky individual on September 19th – just two wins away from a mind-blowing 2.9 million ringgits! With this kind of money up for grabs it’s no wonder why some players can become somewhat daring and daringly bold when placing larger bets; especially if it means that missing out on these types of life-changing prizes could also mean not having enough to provide for one’s family in some cases.

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