Sports Toto 4D results latest 4 May 2022

The Sports Toto 4D is a pretty regular take on a popular international sports lottery. With its roots involved in the 3D (Singapore Pools) and 4D, the Toto draws inspiration from those who came before it and seeks to modernize certain aspects so that they reflect what games of chance that are up to date look like.

If you’re familiar with 4D, you’ll already have a good understanding of how Sports Toto 4D works. The mechanics are very similar to what we’ve seen before – players bet on a color, number, and so forth for 1 to 8 races (or “legs”) with a top prize of RM150,000 up for grabs.

Sports Toto 4D Malaysia Rules

Starting to play lotto online shouldn’t be hard – if you give it half a chance, all of the games will feel natural and easy to understand, so get in there now and find out what all the fuss is about. There are additional systems like i-Tickets which gives you an extra layer of security against losing, or Ticket which helps you pick your winning numbers efficiently with minimal effort!

In an i-permutation, a single digit is moved to generate between four and 24 permutations. If the digit chosen is “1”, the possible new combinations are, therefore “12”, “11” and “21”. The minimum cost here will be RM 1 per set—so in total, one ringgit would be spent on choosing the different permutations.

To reserve a Toto ticket, players must be at least 21 years old per Malaysian law. Tickets are distributed on the day of the drawing by 4 p.m. on 17 April 2022. and will be considered sold out immediately once they run out of tickets that day.

According to the Toto 4D  users can access ticket outlet locations and their respective operating hours.  As of today, Sports Toto 4D is not legally offered throughout the rest of the world.

Sports Toto 4D results latest 4 May 2022


Date: 04-05-2022 (Wed) Draw No: 5454/22
1st 首獎 9158 Zodiac
2nd 二獎 8546
3rd 三獎 1425
Special 特別獎
1694 0227 5860 8344 ****
9187 5303 **** 6197 2673
**** 6923 3481
Consolation 安慰獎
7443 1920 8145 4391 5741
1025 4654 6745 5938 1620


Sports Toto 4D Jackpot Prize 4 May 2022


4D Jackpot 1 Prize 4D Jackpot 2 Prize
RM 6,014,023.76
Partially Won
RM 134,752.86
Next Draw Estimated Amount
4D Jackpot 1 Prize 4D Jackpot 2 Prize
RM 6,658,000 RM 124,000


Sports Toto 4D Prizes for 4 May 2022

Of course, the stakes will be affected by how much you have bet and if it’s a normal or a big bet. As you can see, the small bet comes with bigger rewards but has fewer options for awards. Therefore, the likelihood of a larger payout will balance out the smaller number of prizes available. But if you want to win something in Sports Toto 4D, we definitely suggest that you stick to the large bets!

In September 2018 the first of the 4D Mega Jackpot winners was announced to be a lucky player who won 280,000 ringgits. The entire prize pool for the drawing was 2,776 million ringgits. Earlier on in September one lucky player had claimed the top prize of 250,000 ringgits.

We put in a lot of hard work to update the results as soon as the new drawing takes place. For example, look at the Sports Toto 4D result archive that can be found on our website. When you locate the desired date, use the drop-down menu to pinpoint your target numbers. To help you determine what kind of hot and cold number patterns have occurred in the past, use this information!

To bring you up to speed, there are several lottery types. State-run lotteries are controlled to a certain degree by the government and almost no knowledge of odds is required to play them. Lotto games on the other hand can have varying degrees of professional involvement.

The thing that all lottery entails is measuring luck against statistical probability rather than skill. And what I was trying to say earlier is that in order to best do so, one must start with an understanding of how many combinations there are based on the fact that most lottery ***** drawn range between 1-49 numbers out of a total set between 1-75

Sports Toto 4D

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