Singapore toto results live result for today 29 September 2022

Singapore toto as it is commonly referred to, participants choose 6 numbers plus 1 extra number out of a possible 49 numbers. Prizes are calculated by dividing the final sales amount by 46 and allocating that percentage towards the prize pool. For example, if $1,456,178 is raised then 46% of this (or $617,726) will go towards paying out winners.

Singapore toto results live result for today 29 September 2022

Singapore Toto
Date: 29-09-2022 (Thu) Draw No: 3804
27 29 31 44 46 49 + 42
Prize Group Share Amount (Each) No. of Winning Shares
Group 1
Group 2 $121,313 2
Group 3 $2,060 81
Group 4 $515 177
Group 5 $50 3,892
Group 6 $25 5,524



How to play Singapore toto for today 29 September 2022

  • To play Toto, players will be required to choose six numbers between one and 49 and place a minimum bet of $1.
  • There are two draw takes place at 6:30pm every Monday and Thursday.
  • The draw happens at 9pm and it is in fact a special draw or cascade draw.
  • 1 lucky winning number will be drawn, and the lucky number + 6 secondary numbers will form a winning combination!
  • If your chosen numbers match three of the drawn Toto numbers you win a prize!

It is easy to place a bet. You can do it at any of the Singapore toto outlets, or you can call them up and place an order via phone. Additionally you can use the Singapore Pools app which will show bet options that have to be paid for on your credit card via the payment option after your selection has been placed.

Toto bet types & amounts Singapore toto 29 September 2022

Toto has many different numbers that can be selected during the game.

Currently, these are the few bet types.


  • You’ll get a set of six numbers from 1 to 49, then another complete set of six numbers.
  • Each entry has 6 numbers and you can make as many sets as you like by selecting more than one line.

System Entry

  • You can choose 12 numbers in this bet type and the more numbers you pick, the more entries you will purchase for your total sum of bets.
  • For every additional number added to your selection, the name of the bet type will change.
  • For example: if you add 7 numbers, it will be called ‘system 7’ and if you add 10 numbers it will be called ‘system 10’.

System Roll

  • Play the numbers game by choosing 5 random numbers and picking 1 number with a pattern (rolling dice or selecting digits from your phone).
  • This would give you 44 different entries, and your bet amount will be $48.
  • The R represents the 44 numbers you didn’t choose and it’s referred to as the “rolling number.”

Quick Pick

  • You can choose to Quick Pick any amount of ordinary entries up to System 12.
  • You can choose this option if you do not have a set of Toto numbers in mind.
  • Lucky Toto punters usually wins the jackpot from buying quick pick
  • The system will automatically generate a set of Toto numbers for you.


  • All 28 units of an existing iToto bet must be sold before a new iToto bet is generated upon demand.
  • The prize money will be rounded up to the nearest 10 cents.
  • Under iToto, you are allowed to buy more than one unit of a Quick Pick system 12 entry.
  • By buying more than one unit, you will be purchasing multiple units of the same set of numbers.
  • It is basically a Quick Pick system 12 entry divided into 28 units.
  • Each unit costs $33, (Normal system 12 bet amount / 28).

Group Toto

  • A minimum of $7 is required for each ticket.
  • This allows you to share your Toto bet with a group of people yet have the same bet printed on multiple tickets up to 10.
  • The prize amount will also be rounded up to the nearest 10 cents.
  • The cost and price of the ticket will be divided by the number of tickets printed.

Physical Toto Ticket Singapore toto 29 September 2022

Whenever a bet for the Toto is placed at any of our lottery counters, the customer will be issued a betting slip which clearly states the specific lottery numbers chosen as well as the amount sent to be waged on these specific numbers.

The above Singapore toto ticket demonstrates how to put together a typical bet. The numbers will determine whether you win or lose, so make sure you choose wisely!

lottery ticket as example,

Singapore toto

  1. Total bet amount
  2. Draw date and number
  3. Self Pick Selection
  4. Bet Type
  5. Quick Pick Selection

Payouts for winning Singapore toto 29 September 2022

Toto games allow you to place their maximum bet of a whopping $10, , giving you the chance to win up to $2, payouts if your set of numbers match those concerned during the draw.

By matching up at least three of your chosen numbers to the drawn Toto numbers, you may win some prizes.

You can increase your chances of winning the prize amount by matching lots of numbers!

54% of sales proceeds from Singapore toto lottery tickets are added to the prize pot every time a draw is made and then this prize pot is distributed as cash prizes .

For Group 5 to Group 7, the prize money is fixed.

Group 1 will snowball up to 4 times, while the groups 2-4 will snowball their prize amounts up until they too have winners.

Prize money in the amount of 38% of fourth prize is paid to the following prize group with one winner. In this case, it means that date five will be drawn and a winning ticket will determine which prize group must share 38% of fourth prize. The other amounts are distributed evenly to all winning Singapore toto entries. If there is no Group 1 winner after the fourth consecutive draw, prize money in the amount of the snowballed results from previous three draws combined (or part thereof if there are not four consecutive draws) shall be distributed equally amongst the winning Toto entries.

Odds of winning the Toto Jackpot 29 September 2022

The chances of winning the Singapore toto Lottery (Group 1) are as low as being struck by lightning or getting shot by a gun in Singapore, even if it seems almost impossible here is still more likely to happen than you’ll win the Singapore toto Lottery.

Winning Prizes for Singapore toto 29 September 2022

The computer algorithm randomly selects from 1 to 49 numbers and an additional number between 0 and 9 (generated by 1 to 10 RNGs) as the winning combination. There are a total of 10 prize groups, which are defined as such:

Prize Group Matches Prize Odds of Winning Probability
1 6 numbers 38% of prize pool 1 in 13,983,816 0.0000071%
2 5 numbers + additional number 8% of prize pool 1 in 2,330,636 0.000043%
3 5 numbers 5.5% of prize pool 1 in 55,491 0.0018%
4 4 numbers + additional number 3% of prize pool 1 in 22,197 0.0045%
5 4 numbers $50 per winning combination 1 in 1,083 0.092%
6 3 numbers + additional number $25 per winning combination 1 in 812 0.12%
7 3 numbers $10 per winning combination 1 in 61 1.64%
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