Sarawak Cash Sweep 4D results || Toto live result latest 6 April 2022

Malaysia is a country known for its wide range of lottery games. Most have excellent odds and an entry cost so low it would be silly not to give them a try, making people from all over the world curious about what possibilities they offer in this intriguing market niche.

One such game we looked into was Sarawak Cash Sweep 4D – while there isn’t much information available on the company behind it or how well-regarded their product might actually be among local players (though our research suggests otherwise), at least you can rest easy knowing your chances won’t suffer because with some luck come no strings attached!

Sarawak Cash Sweep 4D results || Toto live result latest 6 April 2022


ate: 06-04-2022 (Wed) Draw No: 4601/22
1st Prize 首獎 0275
2nd Prize 二獎 4423
3rd Prize 三獎 3222
Special 特別獎
3635 1170 3098 3629 8306
5376 8576 5713 4057 6621
Consolation 安慰獎
6642 5878 5039 6802 1334
0664 2014 3126 8111 7987


The Natural Avenue website makes it easy to know who you’re betting with. You can find all of the relevant information about this entity responsible for your game on their Special Cash Sweep site, as well as reach out if there are any additional questions or concerns regarding Berjaya Assets Berhad’s business practices!

An Overview and Some History Special Cash Sweep Legitimate or a Scam?

Natural Avenue Sdn Bhd, a company of Berjaya Assets has been operating the Equestrian Club and Sarawak Cash Sweep 4D Turf since its inception in 1874. It is currently licensed to operate sweepstakes games as well as forecast lottery by authorities from Malaysia’s Ministry Of Youth And Sports (MoYoS).
The name may sound familiar as they are also responsible for Malaysian Lottery games such as the Special One Million Dollar Drawing Game’ which became popular throughout South East Asia after it launched just two years back on Sep 7 2014 with a jackpot of $1mil(!).

In 2016 alone there were a total of 49 draws held up totaling over 669 million dollars!!! Imagine winning this kind of prize? Sarawak Cash Sweep 4D, the exclusive agent for providing special Cash Sweep Turf Club’s 3D big and small lotteries to the public is a company from Malaysia. It was started in 1995 by Natural Avenue Sdn Bhd

Playing the Sarawak Cash Sweep 4D games is a safe, legal way to earn money. All you need are tickets from an official agency and then wait for your chance at winning big!

A quick internet search will show that there are many scams related to these types of sweepstakes but if played correctly they can be legitimate ways in which people win prizes or cash just by playing their favorite game on Facebook etc., even though some may not seem so legit right away… But don’t worry because as long as YOU know where TO look-you’ll find nothing but helpful websites offering FREE entry into various sweeps

Who Can Play Special Cash Sweep?

Lotteries in Malaysia, including the Sarawak Cash Sweep 4D games, are available to individuals aged 21 and older. You must however have a legal permit or visa which allows you to stay here before purchasing tickets because there’s no national restriction for foreigners – even tourists visiting during vacation time!

Can You Buy Special Cash Sweep Tickets Online for 6 April 2022?

Lottery games and sweepstakes are not as popular in Malaysia. The majority of those are available only offline, though you can find some on the internet if they have an authorized agent for that particular game or series- much like how we here at SPINNING MILLIONS will sell your tickets to anything from lotto America’s Big Game™ all while ensuring safety through secure transmission technology!

The special cash portion isn’t offered online either but instead must be purchased at retail locations which means there is no need to worry about waiting in long lines when trying to purchase these drawing aspirations alive with excitement

How to Play Sarawak Cash Sweep 4D 6 April 2022

The Cash Sweep 4D game is played 3 times a week on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday and the next coming draw is on 6 April 2022 as well as the first Tuesday of every month. 23 sets of four-digit numbers are drawn from 0000 – 999 ensuring that whoever plays has an even chance at winning! To be eligible for any prize amount higher than $1k you need to match all digits in order but one which can include either + or – signs depending if it is a positive/negative value respectively

Is Cash Sweep 4D Prediction Possible?

With the Sarawak Cash Sweep 4D odds of 10,000, there are plenty of possible draws to choose from in any given draw. This means that if you play intelligently by selecting your numbers wisely and avoiding repeats then it’s not impossible for one lucky player gets their hands on an even bigger jackpot!

How to Win Cash Sweep 4D

If you want to win the grand prize of $4K, then try reducing your pool by 2 digits for each position in 4-digit numbers. For example: if there are six possible positions and three reduction strategies (i) reducing two characters from either end; ii )omitting one character at the midpoint; and iii), taking away both starting with letter A through M respectively 

the odds improve drastically—to around 59%.

Where Can You Find Special Sarawak Cash Sweep 4D?

The Sarawak Cash Sweep 4D latest results will be presented on the company’s official website. There, you can find information about both 1 + 3D Big/Small and 3d big drawings that are open for public viewing at STC Town Office in Kuching! 

These provide yet another opportunity to Acquaint Yourself With The Numbers Drawn if these don’t suit your preferences – get them from Malaysia4DReturns instead

The drawing is done! We’re so excited to show you all of our results for this year’s Sarawak Cash Sweep 4D. From now on, just select your desired date in the drop-down menu at the top right corner and see what happened with Malaysia 4D Results’ comprehensive database that has been built up since last year’s drawings were completed.

More about the Game

The company is still carrying out drawings for two primary games it started with – 1 + 3D Big/Small. In this game, players have to choose a four-digit number in the range of 0000-9999 and there are three main prizes; additionally, some consolation prizes can be won too! As its name suggests you’re given freedom over how much money your bet will cost – big bets come at bigger numbers but smaller amounts while small ones offer more simultaneous opportunities than their larger counterparts do–and these vary depending on both what kind of outcome listeners wish FOR (whether they want fewer winners or better chances) as well too

The 3D Big game is the classic three-digit lottery format. For a chance to win prizes, players will submit their numbers between 000 and 999 for each draw (depending on what bet amount they choose). Bets start from as little as one ringgit up till higher stakes are awarded in Special Cash Sweep games where winners get bigger jackpots!

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