Sabah 88 4D results Toto 4D result latest 1 October 2022

The first-ever game in the corporation’s portfolio is Sabah 88 4D . It was established back in 1988 and its flagship product has survived all these years to become even more popular today! hear we provide the latest result today 1 October 2022

Sabah 88 4D result Toto 4D live result latest 1 October 2022 is following


Sabah 88 4D 沙巴萬字
Date: 01-10-2022 (Sat) Draw No: 3594/22
1st Prize 首獎 9123
2nd Prize 二獎 6924
3rd Prize 三獎 4570
Special 特別獎
8915 5220 5843 1296
4599 5587 5242
7660 0556 7354
Consolation 安慰獎
5071 9237 6629 8753 4039
1749 4333 0660 4530 6992
4D Jackpot 1 Prize 4D Jackpot 2 Prize
RM 3,256,470.76 RM 43,384.36

Sabah 88 3D results on 1 October 2022

Sabah 88 3D 沙巴萬字
Date: 01-10-2022 (Sat) Draw No: 3594/22
1st Prize 首獎 013
2nd Prize 二獎 599
3rd Prize 三獎 911


Sabah 88 Lotto results on 1 October 2022

Sabah 88 Lotto 沙巴樂透
Date: 01-10-2022 (Sat) Draw No: 3594/22
Lotto 6/45
07 19 24 27 34 40 + 29
Jackpot 1 RM 1,397,696.58
Jackpot 2 RM 18,851.38
Lotto 6
1 1 0 8 4 + 02
Jackpot 1 RM 112,470.13
8 2 0 2 0 + 06
Jackpot 2 RM 17,949.76
0 6 4 2 8 + 06
Jackpot 3 RM 9,974.77
1 8 3 3 7 + 21
Jackpot 4 RM 6,487.49
2 1 5 2 8 + 24
Jackpot 5 RM 5,487.49
Lotto 5
5 8 6 5 + 26
Jackpot 1 RM 35,260.54
5 6 1 0 + 17
Jackpot 2 RM 3,103.27
2 1 4 4 + 26
Jackpot 3 RM 6,924.11
9 8 4 8 + 04
Jackpot 4 RM 863.46
5 6 8 7 + 21
Jackpot 5 RM 952.63
8 1 5 1 + 08
Jackpot 6 RM 3,212.95
4 6 3 4 + 14
Jackpot 7 RM 1,990.04
6 2 7 6 + 14
Jackpot 8 RM 4,063.60


Sabah 88 4D prediction 1 October 2022

The Sabah 88 4D is a standard numerical-style lottery with the only difference being its format. There are three different types of drawings available – 3D, 4D, and Jackpot which all offer jackpots ranging from 1 million ringgits up to 5+ Million Ringgits amounts depending on whether or not there’s an ultimate winner who doesn’t want their prize money anymore after winning!

If you’re looking for the latest news on Sabah 88 4D, we have it here! There are three drawings each week – Wednesdays are popular while Saturdays and Sundays bring more winners with them.

Check out our website today 1 October 2022 because there will be a special announcement coming soon that could mean big things if matched correctly by players such as yourself monitoring these results daily or even weekly depending upon how often they occur throughout your state/province

Ways to Place Sabah 88 4D Bet 1 October 2022

There are a variety of ways to place your bet on the Sabah 88 4D on 1 October 2022. The first step is that you need to be 21 or older, so this means no one under 18 can participate in any lottery game played across Malaysia;

there are also no restrictions regarding nationality either – anyone who legally resides here will have access! A standard bet costs just 1 ringgit for six numbers and minimum wagers go up from time to time depending on how high jackpots climb (or if they’re particularly low).

Hot numbers Sabah 88 4D result Toto 4D results on 1 October 2022

Lotto88 offers a quick pick option for those who don’t want to wait and see what numbers are drawn. In this case, the ticket will be generated automatically by Lotto’s’ software with your chosen options pre-assigned as winners or eligible claimants in order of selection from 1 through 49 inclusive (jackpot minus any betting odds).

The least costly entry in the Sabah 88 4D game on 1 October 2022 is 7-digits, costing just over a ringgit. The largest possible system consists of 12 digits and would cost 462 Ringgits!

Malaysia is home to some of the world’s most popular games, but online ticket acquisition has not been available in Malaysia at the time. To get a Lotto88 or other lottery game tickets you will have to visit one of our retail outlets located nearby where we sell lotto’s/lottery products

Can You Buy Lotto 4D Tickets online?

The best way to play the lottery in Sabah is through your mobile phone. You can buy tickets online or at any one of their outlets, where you will also pay a 15% sales tax on top of bets minimum prices Lotto ticket costs. Once purchased make sure that it has been scanned into either an outlet’s system before presenting said slip if lucky enough win something big!

You can still place a bet even after the Draw Time. The latest time for placing your Lotto bid is pm, so it’s best to get in earlier during that day or risk not being able to do anything at all! You also have options if you’re feeling adventurous; telling them

“I’ll be using my numbers” will allow vendors to generate random tickets specific just for YOU (so there’s less risk) while stating something like “go ahead & give me some quick picks.” This way they know what kind of game/enjoyment level

Where Can You Buy Sabah 88 4D Tickets on 1 October 2022?

The Lotto88 network of retailers throughout Sabah makes it easy for you to get your hands on some winning lotto. All the outlets are branded and have clearly displayed logos, so there’s no mistaking which one will deliver what prize!

To purchase a ticket from this near-perfect provider simply head over to any brand name store in town – they’re open 8 am – 7 pm during drawings days AND 9 am–6 pm otherwise just like any other day.

Online Ticket Acquisition Has Become One Of The Most Convenient Possibilities For Ensuring Your Participation In An Upcoming Drawing Of A Favorite Game. After All, You Don’t Need To Leave The Comfort of Your Home … Unfortunately Such Opportunity Is Not available in Malaysia At This Time Gentlemen So Get Tickets

As far as online lottery agents are concerned, these websites also don’t carry Malaysian lotteries. However, if you do a bit of research on the Internet and come across sites claiming to feature tickets from this country’s national game corporation Sabah 88 4D LTD.,Sabah 88 4D

then be aware: it may just show recent results but not all their offerings for international customers outside Malaysia!

Check back with reputable agencies periodically in order to find out when they finally start offering more options – including those offered by Majestic International PLC (Majis) which launched last October 7th allowing locals here access to playing Scheme A as well!

Updated: October 1, 2022 — 4:28 pm

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