GD Lotto results today 13 November 2022

The GD Lotto is a lottery operator that offers one of the clearest and safest games in Asia. Grand Dragan 4D results will start at 7:00 PM daily . Only 8,000 tickets are for sale at one time. GD Lotto lottery winning number will be released on our official website

GD Lotto results today 13 November 2022 is following


Grand Dragon 4D 豪龙
Date: 13-11-2022 (Sun)
1st Prize 首獎 5834
2nd Prize 二獎 1281
3rd Prize 三獎 5932
Special 特別獎
6918 0537 8808 1773 —-
7707 7102 —- 1163 4231
—- 9244 6639
Consolation 安慰獎
2743 7492 8988 2320 6462
9564 8658 8916 4144 8409


GD Lottery Tips for today 13 November 2022

Our lottery winning number will be released on our official website 

Select your bet numbers- You can either pick your own lucky numbers or use our forecast to increase your chances of winning.

  • Choose the bet amount for every forecast picked
  • Choose whether you’ll play the BIG or Small pack or even both modes
  • Choose a 4-digit figure yourself or let the random number generator choose one for you automatically.

Ways to Win GD lotto 4D on 13 November 2022

We offer two different 4D forecast methods – the BIG and SMALL options to make your lottery game even more fun!

The next time you play, don’t forget about our cool Two-in-One GD lotto 4D Method. With this strategy, it’s possible for one player to win twice as much money with only a little risk of losing everything.

BIG Forecast

The 4D lottery allows you to forecast the outcome of 23 different numbers throughout five unique prize tiers: 1st, 2nd,3rd4th5Specialconsolideion.

Small Forecast

The SMALL forecast option is the best choice for those who want a higher payout and chance of winning one large prize compared to three smaller ones.


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