Damacai 4D result in Malaysia Toto Live 4D Results 2 April 2022

Malaysia is home to many lottery operators and Damacai 4D (pronounced “da ma Kaiser”) is one such gaming company. If you’re looking for yet another to test your luck, consider playing some of the games available at this organization’s portfolio that cover just about any type or preference imaginable!

The options will be big enough so everyone can find something they enjoy testing out in their spare time on a rainy day when boredom sets-in

About Damacai 4D 

Damacai 4D is one of Malaysia’s most reputable and well-established game organizers. They have been in operation since 1988, with over 3000 employees today across 600 branches nationwide. The company’s portfolio includes many different types of arcade games that can be played by players both old and young alike including lotteries from other countries like the United States; it also provides a variety for those who are interested in betting on sports events as well!

The current size (April 2018) was valued at MYR 1 billion while the gross profit margin percentage stands around 50%.

Damacai 4D result in Malaysia Live 4D Results on 2 April 2022

Damacai 4D is a company that organizes lotteries and games to help benefit the community. They also manage payments for prizes, allocate some ticket sales funds towards charitable causes while paying off debts from previous years’ successes with other donations

Damacai 4D Lottery results in Malaysia on 2 April 2022 are as follows

Date: 02-04-2022 (Sat) Draw No: 5387/22
1st Prize 首獎 1125
2nd Prize 二獎 9575
3rd Prize 三獎 5414
Special 特別獎
0061 1726 8074 9700 8267
2929 7432 7213 1692 1928
Consolation 安慰獎
0620 9460 0198 1198 2358
5609 5450 5105 2822 3728


3D and 4D Jackpot Prize 


4D Jackpot 1 Prize 4D Jackpot 2 Prize
RM 7,350,422.00 RM 100,000.00
3D Jackpot Prize RM 803,435.80
Next Draw Estimated Amount
4D Jackpot 1 Prize 4D Jackpot 2 Prize
RM 7,139,000 RM 100,000
3D Jackpot Prize RM 810,000


Due to the popularity of lotteries in Malaysia, it was inevitable that there would be plenty of opportunities for people who want a chance at their luck. To find out more about what’s available and how you can get started visit our website!

  • 1+ 3D Jackpot: This game is played in much the same way as its predecessor, with one exception: players can select from four-digit numbers rather than two-digit ones. There are also two jackpots – a minimum bet for both and they’re worth at least 1M+ or 10k each! The first guaranteed prize starts off small though; it’s only 250K+. But if you want your hands on some serious cash? Then enter for big money instead of where winners will get 2mil
  • 1+3D: The game of chance is played with numbers from one to nine. The goal, as in all games of this type and size like it where you choose your four-digit number which must be divisible by three (inclusive), five, or seven-and whatever the outcome will determine how much money there is for a prize if winning; bet size impacts winnings just as great because big bets mean higher stakes while small wagers can sometimes mean lower risk assuming things go according to plan!
  • 3D:3D is a three-digit number guessing game that has been around for decades. The object of the game is played all over Malaysia and its surrounding region including Singapore to Indonesia, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Palau Island among other countries like Brunei Darussalam or Thailand where it’s also known as “Muujung Geurae” in the Thai language – ห่าว! Your job as a player/receiver at either end during this fun-filled pastime would be to determine whether you think someone else can come up with anyone from 000 – 999 within 5 tries by putting money on themself before each try starts so if they win then payout increases accordingly depending upon how much was bet
  • 3D Jackpot: Malaysia’s Damacai 3D Jackpot is a variation of the standard game available through other lottery operators. Players have to select three sets containing numbers from 000-999 with an entry fee that must be two ringgits per selection, or 600 thousand if you want guaranteed odds at least this high for your buck!
  • Super 1+3D: To play Super 1 + 3D, you will have to pick a four-digit number in the range of 0000 – to 9999. There’s always at least one ringgit per submission but it’s up to how much money want to allocate towards your entry- as long as it’s higher than any other prizes offered by this game! And don’t forget that there are seven different winners if someone matches all seven winning numbers drawn for each category during their time playing…
  • 3 + 3D Bonus: You are given a six-digit number and the option to pick one of 12 signs from the Chinese zodiac. You have two sets, so choose wisely! There are 120 ringgits for first place; 300 thousand if your answer was correct in both sections combined (it is worth noting that this bonus will only show up once)

Da Ma Cai 3+3D results on 2 April 2022


Date: 02-04-2022 (Sat) Draw No: 5387/22
1st 首獎 881 125 OX
Bonus 1 RM 1,633,333.30
2nd 二獎 699 575 RAT
Bonus 2 RM 3,175,381.20
3rd 三獎 885 414 RAT
Bonus 3 RM 1,190,000.00
Special 特別獎
770 061 721 726 778 074
039 700 308 267 522 929
097 432 637 213 621 692
721 928
Consolation 安慰獎
870 620 029 460 750 198
771 198 242 358 465 609
825 450 165 105 162 822
983 728


The History of Damacai 4D

Damacai 4D is a well-established brand in Malaysia. Since 1988, it has been drawing games and increasing its portfolio to offer bigger gaming opportunities for locals here! In 2011 Jana Pendidikan Malaysia Sdn Bhd acquired all aspects of the company including lottery tickets which they rebranded as “Social Lottery”. As part of this new social mission statement; when ticket sales are generated from your purchase funds will go towards helping people who need assistance locally or internationally through charity organizations like UNICEF

Not only will you potentially win a nice sum, but your contribution to the modernization of schools and education in Malaysia is something we should all appreciate.

Is DaMaCai Legitimate or a Scam?

The Damacai 4D Lottery is a well-regulated and peaceful activity.

The rules are put in place by the Malaysian state legislature, which aims to ensure fairness for all players involved with this lottery game. Draws take place with permission from Ministry of Finance officials who observe them themselves as they cannot trust anyone but themselves if anything goes wrong or crooked during these events; public witnesses make sure that there’s nobody trying any fraud on behalf of Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn Bhd (PMPs).

Can You Buy DaMaCai Lottery Tickets Online for 2 April 2022?

If you want to play the Da Ma Cai lottery games, your best bet is to go straight to an authorized retail venue. At present time (aside from those living in Malaysia), only citizens or people legally within this country can purchase tickets and participate; however, there isn’t any way for international residents of countries like Thailand who would love to be able to get their hands on some potentially lucrative prizes!

Who Can Play DaMaCai Lotteries?

Malaysia’s Damacai 4D lottery games are designed for anyone to play. Damacai 4D Lottery is open to everyone. You don’t need any special permission or registration just turn up at one of their retail outlets Monday-Sunday from 8 am until 4 pm and you will be able to play all types of games, including draw date lacked ones!

Where Can You Find DaMaCai Results?

The important thing to remember about the Damacai 4D latest results is that you only have a limited amount of time before they are determined. You also want to analyze their past history in order for your chances of winning something to increase even more!

The latest results for Damacai 4D can be found on our website! You will find a tab dedicated to each game under the “games” heading. Clicking this button takes you directly onto an archive page that features all previous drawings and their scores from top-to-bottom, as well as how many times they were played in total (including ties).

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